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How to assign substitutes for workfow and how to display work items of another user in your inbox. Reserving and Replacing work items is also covered here. Workflow revolves around the user inbox and users can go celebrate their vacation or simply get a flu. To cater for inboxes that get lost, Workflow has a thing called Substitutes.

There are 2 types of substitutes:

  • active substitutes (for absence due to vacation) - all work items are visible in the inbox of the other user automatically
  • passive substitutes (for absence due to illness) - work items are visible in the inbox of the other user on request

Both active and passive substitutes can de defined as follows: In the business workplace => maintain substitute.

Note: indicate whether the substitution is active or passive (check box at the bottom of the screen). If this checkbox is ticked all messages in the inbox are also visible in the inbox of the substitute. When this checkbox is not ticked the work items will not be visible in the inbox of the substitute, the substitute can decide what is displayed in the inbox.

OSS note 74000 Q&A: Substitution in Business Workflow.