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Every end user can set up automatic forwarding for themselves, which will produce an e-mail for every wirk item (or notification) addressed to the end user. Handy feature, you may say, but do bear in mind the following: whenever a notification is issued without receivers, R/3 assumes that all users on the system will be agents, so at least the person the needs to be addressed will get it. Ergo: say 50 users have automatic forwarding active and a notification is issued without receivers, the system will create 50 e-mails and send them out, just for the one notification. And of course, if one such notification slips through, Murply's law dictates that there may well be hundreds. Producing an e-mail is resource consuming and thus the system could get into serious trouble...

    Important components where SAPOffice e-mail forwarding is concerned:
  • First of all, make sure all tasks that are set up as general task will be assigned agents (e.g. via rule resolution)
  • Same for notifications that may be issued (because of due dates or direct notifications)
  • When the due date is reached, a batch job will respond to this and actually generate the notification, if something goes bust, this is the first job to pause
    Tools > Business Workflow > Development > Administration > Workflow runtime > Workflow deadline monitoring
  • Once the notifications have been created, transaction SCOT will present an overview of e-mail activity to send out. SCOT also creates the actual e-mail traffic.
  • The life of a notification ends if:
    • The work item that was due is (now) executed
    • It is set to "done" (execute as work item and chose "Done")
    • It is deleted via transaction SWWL type "D" for Deadline messages

An important note to the SAP user that is set up as e.g. workflow administrator: if automatic forwarding is activated on different SAP systems (e.g. someone is workflow administrator on the development system as well as the test system) the actual e-mail will not make too clear which system the message originates from... Don't mix up the messages !

Make sure you check out the Tables and Such overview for Workflow (for programs RSWUWFML and RSWUWFML2).