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New to Object Oriented programming ? A brief introduction:

Object Oriented programming is a type of programming language where the coding is composed around an actual (real world) object. Where with "linear programming" a program starts, runs through a sequence of routines and ends. Coding in OO means that routines (methods) are build for an object (class).

Especially with more complex programs, setting your coding up in OO poses a strong platform for stable coding. Instead of a big bin of routines, methods belong on their class. Organised by nature. And of course not just methods, also attributes (variables, tables) belong to a class. 

Simon Allardice of has made a great effort to explain the ever-so important topic Object Oriented programming in a series of tutorial sessions. It's a must see really. No really. 

Youtube video material that tells a tale on Object Oriented programming. Note that OO is not an Abap-specific theme, it is carried by many programming languages. So all of this - is applicable to the Abap language. 

objectsAbap supports Object Oriented Programming or OO. Watch this video to get a good start on understanding Object Oriented programming.

For developers that have over 8 years of development experience, the introduction of OO programming has crossed their path at some point in time. SAP Abap is forgiving: because of backwards compatibility coding in Abap "old style" is still possible today, catering for SAP's work. OO is bringing all this to the next level. Hop on the train guys !


Articles on the principles of Object Orientation

The concepts - coded in ABAP (local classes).

Global classes.

Visibility of attributes, type definitions and methods.