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The user exit has been around for a long time, in effect a user exit is an impact point in standard SAP coding that can be filled in with custom coding. Hence customer exit may have been a better name. Consider them as plugs that can be implemented, or they can be left alone. Implementing a user exit is done as follows:

A Badi or Business Add-in is an software extensions to SAP developments. With Object Oriented programming the road to a better approach to user exits became available. Badi's are made available by SAP and can be implemented as part of the Object oriented framework.

Here's a step-by-step approach to finding your Badi implementations. This step plan starts by putting a break point into the Badi background mechanism - which will reveal the available Badi's without first having to find them. Let the system find them for you !

The modification assistant helps you alter standard SAP (as well as custom coding) for which it will need to be switched on. Enhancements can be applied to preset locations in coding. 2 ways to apply modifications - the difference ?

There are many ways to influence or adapt SAP's programmed logic. An SAP implementation will work as-is, yet customers will have their own ideas on what is good for them IT-wise, so changes will be done. So SAP delivers their system with a variety of change-capabilities. The enhancement framework. This article is about enhancement spots.

To implement an implicit enhancement point and alter the path of standard SAP anywhere in the system, follow these steps. First of all the right location for your enhancement must be found, which is quite a feat in itself. SAP coding is elaborate and you will need to realize that your influence in an enhancement spot is very small-scale. Use the debugger to check if a change would really have the desired effect.