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Once your workflow implementation is up and running, there are a few key transactions that will help find out what happened in workflow(s). New to workflow ? This is an effective way to learn what workflow is about. First of all, the workflow log is very important. The following main reporting transactions will bring you to respective workflow logs:

What is it, where can it be found, how should it be interpreted. The workflow log shows what has happened to a flow and its steps, but also who has a given work item in his/her inbox, or who processed a work item before.

A workflow has stoppen because of an error on one of it's tasks. The workflow log shows an error and the flow is no longer processed. What is happening and how can the error be resolved?

When working out what's wrong with a certain workflow, there is a wide variety of tools available. The most common problems are listed here, with a clear hint to a solution and the tools to use. These problems or steps-to-check can be used to help identify the problem, but it is also a very good way to help understand the merits of Workflow. About 80% of all "workflow not working" problems would have been identified and resolved by following this simple steplist. 

Elaborating on the steplist of the previous article a bit more...