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Functional consultants who would like to get to grips with workflow can do so from this brief Quick Reference guide - for workflow on a live system. 


Finding workflows

Selection report for work items SWI1
Reports on (all) workflows and tasks (dialog and non-dialog)
Monitor recent activity
Fill in a task number to focus on e.g. a dialog work item
Fill in a task number and status "READY" for "outstanding work"
Workload analysis - the inbox SWI5
Reports on unprocessed work items for a user (type US) - effectively a peek in the inbox of a user. Select "To be processed by" and leave the date blank.
Also applies to other responsibility groups, such as a position () or an organisation ()
Leave the "Type" and "ID", select "To be processed by" and leave the date blank for "the inbox of the world"
"Not reserved by an agent" means the work item is not reserved and can be visible from the inbox of several people.
Workflows for an object SWI6
Workflow is about Business Objectsand this report finds all workflows for a given business object.
Enter the business object (e.g. BUS2012) and it's key (purchase order number)

The workflow log

Find the workflow log
Available from all workflow reports (with a bit of self-esteem)
If you cannot find it: look again ! It's there it's there it's there.
Find agents of a work item
Bottom up: look up the last work item which has "puppets" (icon/button)
Actual agents, possible agents and excluded agents. Actual agents is where you will find the work item
Actual agents button missing ? The work itemhas already been executed, actual agent is mentioned in the log. Work item no longer in an inbox.
Errors in workflow
Most errors (95%) will be logged in the workflow log
Look for red traffic lights, and if there are more than one, start at the top
On ABAP dumps, even the workflow log is not updated
Tell the workflow developer to make errors disappear. A healthy workflow does not error.

The inbox

Your (enduser's) work items SBWP
On the SAP Business Workplace (third button on the first SAP screen)
Inbox: Workflow: Grouped according to task
The inbox is an ALV list - fully customizable in "Layouts"
Forwarding and reserve
Forward: (rightmouse button on work item; Forward). Forwarding to group: select "Extended selection" (F6) from the Forward popup.
Reserve: (rightmouse button on work item; Reserve) the work item will be visible from your inbox only, even if it has many agents.
Execute: (Double click on the work item) the work item will be reserved and executed.
Replace: (rightmouse button on work item; Replace) will undo a "reserve" (and place the work item in the inboxes of all actual agents)
Un-forward: can be done by "Reserve" followed by a "Replace". The work item will be assigned to the agent(s) that forwarded it to you
Resubmit: will make a workitem disappear until a date you can enter. "Resubmit work item some other time"
Back-up mechanism for whole inbox (all entries).Allow others to take over your work
From inbox: Settings: Workflow settings.
You decide who can take over your inbox (before you call in sick)
Objects and attachments
Objects: normally at least 1 object which is what the workflow is about
Click on an object and it will be displayed (work item status remains unchanged)
Attachments (rightmouse button on work item; Attachment) can be added in many shapes and forms (Business Objects, a Word document, Excel, ...)

Organizational management - Agents!

Organisation and staffing
Jobs (C), Positions (S), Organizational units (O), Person (P) and User (US) - the most commonly used building blocks of an organization
View (and maintain) the org.plan PPOM
Not only for workflow. Work items can be assigned to any organizational unit.

System health

Workflow setup
Jobs that need to be scheduled, settings that need to be done - if the system no longer works, this is where you start: wizard ! SWU3
Check for dumps created by user WF-BATCH ST22
Check out Go-live test