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An overview of relevant transactions when doing anything related to Workflow...

Definition tools
Business Object
 SWO1  Business Object Builder - hot
Tasks & flows
 SWDD  Workflow builder - hot
 SWDB  Workflow builder: Create workflow
 SWDS  Workflow builder (Selection)
 SWDA  Workflow builder (Alphanumeric)
 PFTC  Task: Maintain (links to the transactions below) - hot
 PFTC_INS  Tasks/Task groups - Create
 PFTC_CHG  Tasks/Task groups - Change
 PFTC_DIS  Tasks/Task groups - Display
 PFTC_COP  Tasks/Task groups - Copy
 PFTC_DEL  Tasks/Task groups - Delete

Event creation
 SWU_EWBTE  Via wizard: Business Transaction Events
 SWEHR1  Via object type to HR InfoType
 SWEHR2  Via Infotype operation (SAP)
 SWEHR3  Via Infotype operation (Customer)
Event creation - Change documents
 SWU_EWCD  Via wizard: change documents
 SCDO  Overview
 SWED  Define Workflow Properties - hot
 SWEC  Linkage - hot
Event creation - other methods
 BSVW  Status management
 NACE  Message control
 SWU_EWLIS  Via wizard: Logical Information System
 AWUW  Logistics information system (LIS)
Event linkage
 SWETYPV  Type linkages
 SWB_COND  Workflow start conditions (same as SWB_PROCUREMENT )
 SWUY  Execute the Wizard "Create workflow-message Linkage"

Agents - Rules for agent assignment
 PFAC_INS  Create
 PFAC_CHG  Change
 PFAC_DIS  Display
 PFAC_DEL  Delete
Organizational management
 PPOCW  Organizational plan - Create
 PPOMW  Organizational plan - Change
 PPOSW  Organizational plan - Display
 PFOM  Organizational objects - Create assignment
 PFOS  Organizational objects - Display assignment
Controlling display variants
 SWL1  Dynamic columns for worklist
 SWLV  Maintain views

Runtime tools
 SBWP  Business Workplace (user-inbox)
 SWUI  Start workflow
 SWUS  Test workflow
 SWI6  Workflows for Object - hot
 SWI14  Workflows for Object type

Basic settings
 SWF_RFC_DEST  Configure workflow RFC destination
 SWPA  Customizing workflow runtime
Workflow Information System (WIS)
Tools / ABAP workbench / Development / Workflow / Reporting / Workflow Information System / ... about 20 transactions
Work item analysis
 SWI2_FREQ  Work items per task - hot
 SWI2_DEAD  Work items with monitored deadlines
 SWI2_DURA  Work items by processing duration
 SWI5  Workload analysis.. (user inboxes) - hot
Task analysis
 SWI11  Tasks in workflows
 SWI13  Tasks profile
 SWXML  XML document selection

 SWI1  Work item selection- hot
 SWUD  Diagnosis
 SWU3  Automatic workflow customizing - hot
Consistancy check
 SWU4  Tasks: Standard task
 SWU7  Tasks: Workflow template
 SWE5  Event linkage
Workflow trace
 SWU9  Display
 SWU8  On/off
 SWU10  Delete
 SWETYPV  Type linkages
 SWEINST  Instance linkages
 SWU0  Simulate event
 SWUE  Create event - hot
 SWEL  Event trace - hot
 SWELS  Switch Event trace on/off - hot
 RSWELOGD  Delete event trace
 SWEQADM  Event queue administration (also SWEQADM_1 ) - hot
 SWEQBROWSER  Event queue browser
 SWDC_DEFINITION  Workflow definition time: maintain administration data
 SWU2  Workflow RFC monitor (much like SM58 )
Tools / ABAP workbench / Development / Workflow / Demonstration / ...

Workflow Runtime - errors & recovery
 SWI2_ADM1  Work items without agents - hot
 SWI2_DIAG  Diagnosis of work items with errors - hot
 SWIE  Unlock workflows
 SWIA  Workflow as administrator
 SWPR  Workflow Restart after error
 SWPC  Continue workflows after system crash
 SWU_OBUF  Synchronize runtime buffer - hot
 SWIE  Unlock workflows
 SWUR  Schedule background job periodically
 SWUV  Start background job once
 SWUU  Diagnosis
Archiving & deletion
 SWWL  Delete work item - hot
 SWWL_TOPLEVEL  Delete top level work item
 SWWH  Delete work item history
 SWW_SARA  Archive work item - hot
 SWW_ARCHIV  Display workflows from archive

SRM only
 BBPCU04  Activate Standard Tasks (as general task)