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When you compose your Smartform (or Sapscript form) you will be setting fields in a &SOMEFIELD& form, for which a wide variety of formatting options is available. Check them out: Note that the options are filled in just before the closing &-character, and options can be combined.


&SOMEFIELD+12& - field offset

The first 12 characters are skipped from the field value (character fields only).

&SOMEFIELD(12)& - part of the field

The first 12 characters of the field are passed on, the rest is "cut off". Typically &SOMEFIELD+4(3)& would return the 5th, 6th and 7th characters of your field.

&SOMEFIELD(*)& - DDIC reference

This only works when SOMEFIELD is defined in the data dictionary. The field length of your field will be set to the length defined on the data dictionary.

&SOMEFIELD(S)& - No sign

If there is a sign for your value, it will be suppressed (number fields only).

&SOMEFIELD(<)& - Sign to the left

Displays the sign to the left of the number field

&SOMEFIELD(.<3)& - Number of decimal places

This will limit the output of decimal places to 3.

&SOMEFIELD(E3)& - Exponent number

Displays your field with fixed exponent 3. "The mantissa is adapted to this exponent by shifting the decimal character and inserting zeros."

&SOMEFIELD(T)& - No throusands indicator

Suppress the thousands indicator for numeric fields.

&SOMEFIELD(Z)& - No leading zeros

Suppress the leading zeros (for numeric fields).

&SOMEFIELD(I)& - No initial values

Suppress the zero (for numeric fields).

&SOMEFIELD(K)& - No DDIC conversion

Deactivates a conversion routine specified in the Data Dictionary

&SOMEFIELD(R)& - Right justified

Right-justified display, within the field length. Use this option only when specifying an output length as well.

&SOMEFIELD(FX)& - Apply filler (character X)

Replaces left-justified blanks in the value by the fill character X (or whatever character you fill in).

&SOMEFIELD(L)& - Date formatting

Converts a date field to a local date and displays it. The date is then formatted using the edit mask JPDAT. Since this representation uses Japanese characters, it is only to be used in the Japanese version of the SAP System.

&SOMEFIELD(C)& - Condense

Condenses the field value (removes double spaces and leading spaces). Equivalent of CONDENSE abap statement.