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A brief introduction to the editor of Smartforms. The most relevant components are described. A SmartForm (like a SapScript form) consists of Pages (usually the "first" and "next", sometimes also a "last") which consists of windows. Each window has it's location (placement) on the end result. One of the windows is the more prominent one, as it can "roll" - that is, the contents of this window builds up and when the end of the window is reached, the next page (again with a MAIN window) is prepared.


A SmartForm can be maintained via transaction code SF_EXAMPLE_01 which is also for Style's and Text modules. When a SmartForm (e.g. MEDRUCK) is entered, a tree-structure will be displayed with the SmartForm components. A brief run-down:

  • Form attributes the attributes of the Form, it's name, description, the page format (DINA4 = A4 format) and also the Style that is used for this form.
  • Style The style (part of the attributes) - it holds settings about paragraphs (the default paragraph), character formats.
  • Form interface this is where the data that is passed from the ABAP trigger call (a function module call) is defined, standard SAP (MAIL_RECIPIENT, OUTPUT_OPTIONS, USER_SETTINGS and such) as well as user defined interface parameters. In effect: if you want to call your SmartForm with a preselected set of data, this is where you define the interface parameters from ABAP call to SmartForm processing.
  • Global definitions allows defining Global data, types and field symbols, as well as initialization ABAP logic and actual routines. Thing function modules for this: as parts of your SmartForm (e.g. within a window) ABAP logic or "Program lines" can be executed which can call the routines defined here. Global variabeles can be passed to and from this "Program lines" component. For a simple SmartForm, only the Global Data tab will be used.
  • Pages and Windows Every form (SmartForm or SapScript) consists of Pages with Windows, which are listed from this point on...