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SAP query components can be used/accessed from 2 main areas in the system. The Global area (Cross-client) and the Standard area (Client specific). The choice of area is visible on nearly every main SAP query transaction and it determines where a user-group, query or infoset lives. 

The user can decide on which area to work with, but they should be regarded as totally different sources for SAP query components. A query that is created in the Global area is not available in the Standard area, and vice versa. Queries in the global area are client-independant, so they will be available in all clients of the system. This setup allows for arrangements to be made covering all possible needs. 

A few pointers:

  • User groups have Queries and Infosets assigned to them  - after selecting the area, the user group should always be selected before anything can be Queried. 
  • Users can create their own queries, which normally happens in the Standard area. 
  • When needed - user groups, queries and/or infosets can be moved from area to area. 
  • The Global area is also the platform through which transports can be set up (the Standard area is NOT)
  • When using the Standard area, the transport tool (function available in SQ02) will allow download and upload to presentation server files. 

So can you not find your query ? First check the query area, then check the user group.