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In the previous article the The Run Manager is explained, which makes a report available to the end user through a variant. SAP has a standard setup for this as well, which is definitely something you would need to know about. Transaction START_REPORT. Here's how it can be utilized when creating a transaction code:

Transaction codes link a report or module pool to a transaction. OR a transaction to a transaction. When a report is specified on a transaction, note that the variant which should be used for the report is also available. So you can have several transactions for the same report, each starting the report with their own transaction.

Then there is the START_REPORT transaction, which lets you specify which report type, name, variant should be used. It even allows immediate background execution. The idea is that your new custom transaction is set up to start the START_REPORT transaction, which in turn will accept the default values specified. These values would typically be

D_SREPOVARI-EXTDREPORT - Extended report name
D_SREPOVARI-NOSELSCRN - Indicator: Skip selection screen
D_BACKGROUND_EXEC - Indicator: Execute in background

The available report types are:

  • AQ - Query
  • BB - Report Portfolio Rpt
  • LS - Form
  • RE - Drilldown Reporting
  • RW - Report Writer Report
  • TR - Transactions

So there you go: there are quite a few control options available when setting up a transaction.