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SAP comes with loads and stacks and heaps of demo reports, which are made available for you to learn about ABAP capabilities. This article summarizes the demo material SAP has on offer. Check it out in your system !

  • Abap objects

    A complete demonstration of Abap Objects can be found in DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS. Also check out DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_EVENTS, DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_GENERAL and DEMO_ABAP_OBJECTS_METHODS.

  • ALV reporting

    A set of 40 reports on ALV reporting using SALV, SALV_DEMO_* and SALV_FORM_DEMO_*.

  • Dynpro processing

    A series of topics related to Dynpros (screens) in DEMO_DYNPRO*.

  • String manipulation

    String formatting examples, by topic in DEMO_STRING_TEMPLATE*.

  • Field symbols

    A series of topics on field symbols DEMO_FIELD_SYMBOLS*.

  • Internal tables

    A series of topics related to internal tables in DEMO_INT_TABLES*.

  • Selection screens

    Check out these for greate examples of what can be done in a report selection screen: DEMO_SEL_SCREEN*.

  • Demo programs for Office use

    OLE (Object Link Enabling) that allows access to the software on the presentation server (Powerpoint, Word, whatever). Check out the reports starting with SAPRDEMO*

    Would you like to create Word documents pre-filled with SAP information, try the Form Interface example SAPRDEMO_FORM_INTERFACE.

    RTF processing is more your thing ? See example SAPRDEMORTFPROCESSING.

    There are 24 example reports available for you to explore.

  • Demo classes

    Check out SE24 for classes CL_DEMO*.

  • Demo classes - EPM

    Check out SE24 for classes CL_EPM_DEMO* for demo classes on the Enterprise Procurement Model.

  • Application log - connectivity demo

    Check out SE24 for classes CL_ISHMED_CONN_HNDL_DEMO_* for demo classes on connectivity, HTTP, local, FTP and web.

  • SAP NetWeaver demo

    Check out classes CL_NWDEMO* for demo classes on NetWeaver.

  • Workflow

    Check out classes CL_SWF_* for demo classes on workflow tracing.