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A brief glossary for Internet matters.

aGate - Application gateway
Business HTML -
Deployment descriptor - ...holds the session-timeout parameter… J2EE environment variables ?
ICF - The Internet Communication Framework
ICF Service -
ICM - The Internet Communication Manager
InfoSet Query - SAP Query and HR-related queries web access
Internal ITS - The ITS is integrated in the SAP application.
Intelligent Services -
ITS - Internet Transaction Server
ITS implementation modes - Screen-based applications versus screen-independent applications
iView -
MidiALV -
MiniALV - The ALV grid control is also available in web-ready format, as MiniALV (or MidiALV).. On-line docu available.
Persistent sessions -
Pervasive - Pervasive (checkbox) or Pervasive access means accessible via a variety of ways. “boundless collaboration functionality”. (If you want the MiniApp to available to other device types (such as WAP-enabled mobile telephones, Palm Pilots, or Pocket PCs), check the Pervasive enabled box.
Statefull - State of html pages for BSP applications, where the page becomes "protected" with the calling application as a "shell"
Stateless - The effect of a statefull application undone.
UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Integration - a web documents repository
WAS - Web Application Server
WebFlow service -
Webuser - User WEBUSER is there - the dummy user that does not require logging in
wGate - Web gateway