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All developments go through the process of developing. A process which eventually needs to cover everything, but also a process which is regarded as a "work in progress" for multiple days. Even weeks. Here's a little trick I use to capture thoughts while developing a program. Very simple. Equally effective. The * HAZARD>/code> comments.

Whenever I come across some bit of coding detail that I know I need to revisit, but I don't want to stop what I was doing, I simply add a comment line in the coding, starting with HAZARD. Like so:

      goodsmvt_header             = ls_header
      goodsmvt_code               = lv_goodsmvt_code
      goodsmvt_item               = lt_items
      return                      = lt_return.

  READ TABLE lt_return WITH KEY type = 'E'.
* HAZARD: Error handling to be added here

When the development is nearly finished, I tend to check the code inspector, remove errors, remove variables that are not used and also search for any HAZARD comments I may have left in the coding - for myself to find. All coding should be delivered without hazards...

Did you know you could search the whole system for these "hazard" references ? See article Super search.

An example of some coding I have ongoing at the moment. This is what a report-wide search on the work HAZARD revealed...

  162     select * from zparameter into table gt_zparameter
            where programm = 'Z_XDOC_SC05'. "HAZARD - nieuwe versie wellicht overhevelen
  236     select * from ekpo into table gt_ekpo "Orderregels
            for all entries in gt_pakbon_regels
             where ebeln = gt_pakbon_regels-vgbel and
                   ebelp = gt_pakbon_regels-vgpos+1(5). "< HAZARD - needs to be TESTED
  351 * HAZARD: de gw_EKKO-UNSEZ wordt tegen domain ZZRET_REDEN_ID aangehouden en voorzien van een vertaalde waarde
  644 * HAZARD: direct table update LIKP - zonder enqueue
  651 ***            CLEAR lw_lips-mfrgr.                      <= HAZARD: uitfaseren ?

Involving the code inspector

If you're familiair with the code inspector (and you better be), there is an article on adding a test for the use of HAZARD in coding - which I like to use myself to keep track of my notes.. Add test to code inspector.