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Quickly search all the coding that was done on the system, with a standard SAP tool.

Report RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN can be used to search Abap coding for any content. Where was something done ? Always remember you have this fantastic tool available, any time.

Naming conventions (Y and Z for customer developments) should be taken into account. Searching in function modules? Coding is prefixed with SAPL*.

It also includes coding that lives in the system's modification assistent modifications. Have you noticed that the changes that are applied via the modification assistent don't show up in version comparisons of a report? Another reason to rely on this source scanner report.

Is this report not available on your system ? Transaction EWK1 holds similar functionality, made available to seach for currency hardcoding.

And there is another alternative to search the system's coding: transaction CODE_SCANNER (or report AFX_CODE_SCANNER) also does the job. Very nicely actually...