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ABAP development is only required when changes are done to the SAP standard - right ? That depends: SAP can be used as turn key solution, where ABAP changes can be minimalized. Actual changes that may still be required are done in locations where SAP expects then and where SAP prepared for them. Ideally, the developer should look for those locations before starting developments. Some pointers (in a totally arbitrary sequence):

  • Interfacing ? Use Idocs and fill in the blanks in your inbound processing function module (or outbound of course) - make sure no file opening / copying / removing logic is "build" knowing there is an interfacing marvel called Idocs around
  • Can it be done in a user exit ? Check out the articles on Enhancements
  • Isn't there a Bapi for that ? Find out what Bapi's are for and how they can be found.
  • Getting reporting output to look great with loads of options on-line is clearly a task for ALV grid control..
  • Keeping track of changes on your tables ? SAP is doing that already with change documents. Tap in, use the same functionality and create your own change documents
  • Is it progress logging or error logging you need some tooling for, on your interface ? Consider the Business Application Log
  • Your report needs a short list of values, that can easily be maintained by an end user - would a long text be an option?
  • This list is far from complete. Be insprired: can you think of 20 more topics ?

Be a thief: use what SAP has build already - never assume it is the first time your development is done. Every development can be split into smaller chunks and doing so cleverly will lead to reuse of code.