What's been listed as "new" in the past ? 

The author started his Abap career with BSO (Atos/Origin) in
September 1993 (at 24) so: the 20th anniversary! Since september 1993
Author currently on assignment with: Luxon
AbapcadabrA has 400 articles400 articles

Author currently via Luxon on assignment with: Joomla 3.3

Article 450 added today 50 additional articles
AbapcadabrA.com is online for 10 years.AbapcadabrA online for 10 years
AbapcadabrA holds 499 articles, that's nearly ....AbapcadabrA online for 10 years
Accepted the role of Abap coordinator for Luxon
Spinoff website - HRchannels.nl making HR related tools more accessible to consultant and customerHRchannels
100 Cheatsheets ? - there are more than 111 of them now !
HRdocuments is being developed, a turn-key system plugin that can be used to hold numerous employee-related documents.
HRdocuments.nl is live (but empty). Initial product demo's are received positive.
The role of Abap Coordinator is terminated - as it's business as usual anyway.
The number of articles on AbapcadabrA has reached a staggering 500 articles. Some small, some large, all serve a purpose.
Started on a new part-time assignment with PartsPoint in Ede, where I've been before. Nice to work with Brezan colleagues again !
YT-2400 FreighterThe cheat sheets overviews now holds over 2400 objects (transactions, functions, reports, tables).
The overview of free downloads has been re-structured. There's over 25 ready-to-use developments waiting for you !
The customer abap inventory report has been improved - it's now the report on which you can base your own administration of what's old and new.
Ask the expert - SAP was asked (by our end customer) to produce a second opinion on a SuccessFactors to SAP interface. The interface was thought up and produced by me, myself and I. Sessions today...
The customer pulled the plug - because there is no confidence we'll pull this through. We are with our toes on the finish line but we are asked to step back. The outcome of the second opinion session was not the cause. But it couldn't tackle the confidence issues either.