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What's new ? - and what's Old news

When "the other" customer heard from the confidence issues (from me), they asked me to scale up from 3 to 5 days a week. On assignment full time with:
Black page in the history of the Maasdam family. My dad passed away at the age of 81.
The cheat-sheet section holds references to over 2500 objects, in 130 topics.
AbapcadabrA is taken off-line. Hackers had their way. No data was lost, but time and effort was required to recover and to have an answer ready the next time the setup is hacked.
AbapcadabrA is back after more than 3 months, this time in a better state. Changes are no longer applied on the site, but at a backend, from which they will be copied once in a while. The next Hack will be flushed in less than half an hour.
HRchannels is implemented in a single morning on the system of Adidas in Herzogenaurach (Nurnberg) Germany.
Wrapping up with PartsPoint, after just over 1 year. Learned a lot: SAP systems and Database systems can take a serious beating. I would have liked to say I could have contributed to the health of the system - but I don't feel I have.