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Smartforms are created with the form designer, a development tool (transaction SMARTFORM) which shows a tree-like setup with folders for each window. A smartform has an interface via which data is passed on for formatted printing. Smartforms are started via a function (CALL FUNCTION) which is generated from the Smartform. Before starting a smartform, the name of this module needs to be determined. 


A smartform is composed of pages with windows. Each window has a size and position and there is 1 window called main. The main window is rather special: this window is used in all pages, and each page can only have 1 main window. When the main window is filled, and no more space is left, the "next page" is triggered. Starting a next page is thus controled in the main window, by hitting the bottom....

A window or main window is itself composed with elements. Text elements, templates, loops but also coding blocks or control options.