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Setting up a simple popup from a report. WINDOWs!

In the land of ABAP's, screen-based applications and reporting applications are very different. But for a popup screen, it doesn't really matter. Basically you will need to create a screen (DYNPRO) of the type "Modal dialog box". Screens go with Process Before Output and Process After Input, and so does a popup. Make sure you cover the menu response module, to enable you to leave your popup again. Also make sure you fill in the OK-CODE field, otherwise the menu-code will simply never be passed on to the program and the only way to stop the program is to kill the session.


The location and size of the popup are determined in the statement:


This can be done from any report or module-pool type application. To leave the screen again and jump back to the screen you came from, the statement LEAVE TO SCREEN 0 can be used.

Mixing dynpro's with reports

Reports and DYNPRO's can be interchangable within one program. From a module-pool type application, a report screen could be opened using LEAVE TO LIST-PROCESSING. If you want the end user to go back to the module-pool type processing, you can do that like this: LEAVE TO LIST-PROCESSING AND RETURN TO SCREEN 900. Also a CALL SCREEN can be done, from any report.

List output as popup from a report

You're right in the middle of a report and someone double clicks on a line which contains a debitor number. By calling the statement WINDOW STARTING AT 5 5 ENDING AT 65 15., the popup is prepared. All you need to do now is WRITE something. Another rather wise thing to do here is issuing a menu with SET PF-STATUS 'THISMENU'.