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The migration workbench is purpose build for migrations, and it is not available on a green-fields SAP installation. Many developers may not even have noticed, but LSMW is installed separately for a very good reason: security. The LSMW tool allows Abap coding (in a semi-controlled environment) on clients which are not modifiable.

Part of the steps that an LSMW can perform involve mapping which is factually Abap logic. The logic can be edited on any system, and this means e.g. a direct table update can also be coded. Hence: SAP wants it's customers to make a clear choice on LSMW usage: it's a great tool and it is used very often, but the customer should chose to install it. 

With proper authorization checking the tool van be made available to the right people at the right time. And using this same authorization, it can be made unavailable once the system is live.