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An overview of relevant transactions when doing anything related to Idocs...


IDOCs at runtime: browse around
Menu's with Idoc relevant stuff...
 WEDI  Menu for Idoc settings - hot
 SALE  IMG on ALE settings
 BALE  ALE configuration settings (menu)
Reporting and testing
 WE02  Idoc list - hot
 WE05  Idoc list
 WE09  Search for IDoc in Database - hot
 WE10  Search for IDoc for Business Content - hot
 WE06  Active Idoc monitoring (6.20)
 WE07  Idoc statistics
 OYEA  Global parameters for Idoc interface
 BD87  Process inbound/outbound Idocs (via user interface) - hot
 BD20  Inbound processing of Idocs Ready for transfer ( RBDAPP01 ) - hot
 WE16  Trigger inbound processing (from a file)
 WE14   RSEOUT00  Process outbound IDocs - hot
 none   RBDOUTPU  Process outbound IDocs - after error
 none   RSEINB00  Process inbound IDocs - hot
 BD21  Idocs are written from the (already collected) Change Pointers ( RBDMIDOC )
 BDCPMIG  Migrate change pointers
 BD22  Delete change pointers
 WE19  Idoc test tool - hot

Documentation tools
 WE47  Status codes and their details
 WE63  Documentation
 WE41  Inbound process codes
 WE42  Outbound process codes
 WE81  EDI Logical message types
 WE82  Message types and assignment to Idoc types

Actual master data
 BD10  Send Material
 BD11  Get Material
 BD12  Send Customer
 BD13  Get Customer
 BD14  Send Vendor
 BD15  Get Vendor
 BD11  Get material
 BD91  Send Characteristic
 BD92  Send Class
 BD93  Send Classification

 BD40  Read change pointer for group
 BD41  Dispatch IDocs for group
 BD42  Check IDocs for group
 BD43  Post IDocs for group
 BD44  Assign Message Types to Serlz. Group
 BD101  Serialization Using Object Types: Consistency Check
 BD23  Delete serialization data
Create an Idoc from scratch..
New Idoc or extending an Idoc ?
 BDBR  Data transfer - program library(avoid reinventing the wheel)
 WE31  Create segments
 WE30  Create basic Idoc type or extend existing Idoc type with new segments
New message type ?
 WE81  Create a new message type
 WE82  Link the message type to an Idoc type
New processing function module ?
 SE37  Create your function module (refer to available examples!)
 WE57  Allocate the function module to a Message Type
 BD51  Make the function module available for ALE
 WE41  Outbound process codes
 WE42  Inbound process codes
Outbound: Change Pointers ?
 BD61  Globally activate change pointers
 BD50  Activate Change Pointers for the Message Type
 BD52  Specify the fields for which Change Pointers need to be written
 BD60  Additional data for the Message Type
Idoc filtering / Reduction ?
 BD59  Filtering at field level
 BD56  Filtering at segment level
 BD53  Idoc reduction maintenance
ALE port ?
 SALE  ALE customizing settings
Define logical system
Allocate logical system to a client
 SM59  Set up an RFC destination (R/3 connection)
 WE21  Set up a transactional RFC port
 BD64  Maintain the Customer Distribution Model - hot
 BD82  Generate the partner profiles
 WE20  Check the partner profiles - hot
 BD64  Distribute the partner profiles
EDI configuration
 SM59  Set up RFC destination (TCP/IP) normaly to SERVER_EXEC - hot
 WE21  Set op a File Port (check  WE55  for the different file names)
 WE20  Check the partner profiles - hot
Error handling via workflow
 WE40  Display system process codes

Wizards and healthchecks
 BDM2  Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.
 BDM5  Technical consistency check
 BDMO  ALE CCMS Group Administration
 BDMONIC  ALE CCMS Monitoring Objects (Detail)
 BDMONIC2  ALE CCMS Monitor Objects (General)
 BDMONIC3  ALE CCMS Monitor Branch
 BDXM  Analysis of Log Table
 BDXN  Analyze Inbound Log Table
 SLG1  Evaluate application log (when inbound Idoc processing refers to messages on the application log)