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Here's a step-by-step approach to finding your Badi implementations. This step plan starts by putting a break point into the Badi background mechanism - which will reveal the available Badi's without first having to find them. Let the system find them for you !

Step by step: 

  1. Find the appropriate Badi - place a break-point in class CL_EXITHANDLER method GET_INSTANCE 
  2. Walk through the functionality you want to investigate, for each point where a Badi is available, your break point will reveal it. Check the variabele EXIT_NAME for the name of the Badi
  3. Go to transaction SE18 and fill in the Badi name found
  4. Menu: Implementation > Create
  5. Fill in a (Y or Z) name of the class that is created as implementing class of the Badi
  6. Supply a filter if you want the Badi to be implemented in predefined cases only
  7. Now fill in the coding logic you want in the methods that are supplied in the Badi implementation class

Is the location (method) you found not up to the job ? Check the other methods. Put a break point in the method that look promising. Still no luck ? Check out the implicit enhancement spot.