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What you should do and not do when implementing long texts

  • Do Make use of the texts concept - even for your own developments.
  • Don't Use text fields to store a field value you may need. Field values belong elsewhere.
  • Do Use the concept of including texts. When texts are used inefficiently, a given text will be stored on the system many many times.
  • Don't Select texts in mass processing, your program should never select many texts in a single selection run... Selecting a text header from table STXH to determine the existance of the text can improve performance as well.
  • Do Remember: when a SapScript or Smartform is printed as a letter, the (text) contents of the letter should be held in a longtext so changes can be applied without development interference.
  • Don't Forget: transaction SO10 allows editing of standard texts... (your end user can use this as well)