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Standard texts are not put on a transport by default, probably because these texts can be changed on any system. So should you enter them in every system ? It's up to you - but I can tell you my preference: use transports ! Just to get the initial version of your texts across all systems anyway. How to transport: the same way it was done in the middle-ages: run an unfancy little report called RSTXTRAN and select your text (or texts). Follow it through and your transport will be created.

Note that texts can not be added to a Workbench request transport, as texts are customizing settings. Error message " Changes to objects are only allowed in correction/repair" will appear if you try this on a workbench request transport. Just leave the transport number blank to allow the report to create a transport of the correct type for you. Another note on this: make sure you fill in the Task number and not the Request number (the task number is the higher number). 

If you need to get rid of texts from your landscape, this can be done with the same transport setup. Use the above report to produce a transport for the texts you want to address, or manually edit the transport and specify which texts need to be removed. 


These are examples of standard texts created with SO10. Text object = TEXT, text name = ZMYFIRSTTEXT, text ID = ST and the language = E. Then make sure these texts are removed (SO10 delete text) before you are releasing the transport.

Please note: this setup actually failed for reasons unknown. Texts were deleted with an adapted (copied) version of a standard SAP report RSTXTCAT (effectively the F4 function on SO10).