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An overview of functions that can be used to read, change, rename, create and delete texts...

Texts can be stored in a textpool (or textpools) in SAP. Several transactions can use the same way of storage when texts are involved. A series of function building blocks can be found in the function group STXD.

An overview of function modules in text manupilation:


Function module nameDescription
CHECK_TEXT_AUTHORITY Connect it to authorization
COMMIT_TEXT Commit to database, when you change texts and saved the result, a rollback can still be done (by /N for example). If you want to do a COMMIT WORK for the text changes, you should use this function module.
DELETE_TEXT Clear out a text that has been saved before, the only proper way to delete a text !
EDIT_TEXT This function module allows your end user to maintain or enter a text in the SAP standard way. The standard set of buttons and options will be available and the programmer can set some defaults like: display only, do not (or do) save to the database from the screen, set title, and set additional functionality.
INIT_TEXT Should be used to check whether a text can be created. This function module executes some checks that should be checked on the longtext you want to create.
PRINT_TEXT Printing a text in a proper looking way, based on layout set output (or rather: form output).
READ_TEXT Reads a text from the text-pool and returns it in an internal table
REFER_TEXT Refer to another text
RENAME_TEXT Change the name (THEAD-TDNAME of a text
SAVE_TEXT Save or create a text, this can be used e.g. when a program generates some text and saves it. It could be a good alternativeto filling in text screens in BDC sessions !
SELECT_TEXT Selects a list (table) of THEAD (text header) entries for the fields supplied.