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Looking for a text on a requisition ? Need the longtext of a material ? Standard SAP documents store their longtexts in the same tables..

If you want to fetch the longtext of a purchase order (header) you will find that the text-pool principle is used in standard applications as well. Now starting from the end user request, how do you find that long text !? To find it you will need the IDLanguageObject and Name (all 2b found in structure THEAD. These values are available to you in table STXH "SAPscript text file header".


Lets assume you have not created too many texts so far, like me. When I run the data browser on table STXH and I fill in the name of the creator of the text STXH-TDFUSER (as my own name), a list of text headers that I have created will be shown:

040   AUFK       040000080000041             KOPF E
040   AUFK       040000080000042             KOPF E
040   LFM1       00000010201000              0002 E
040   MATERIAL   000000000000300040          BEST D
040   MVKE       000000000000300040SCLQ40    0001 D
040   TEXT       Y_WIMLAH                    ST   E

In short: this is a list of all important text fields that we are looking for. Now simply go into the system and create the text you are looking for, then run the data browser on STXH again.

As you are about to find out, the values for TDOBJECT and TDID will be standard for a text.