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Leap years can influence the number of days in a year and of course the number of days in February. Date calculations are all covered and working fine, so if you feel like adding 1 to the 28th of february in your Abap coding, the 29th will be returned in a leap year and the 1st of march in regular years. 

This is a bit of coding that can be used to check for leap years: 

* In leap years this value should be 366, 2004 mod 4 = 0 = leap year.
* However: what year is the selection for ? The report can run from 
* november till march.. Answer: use the end date to determine the
* number of days in a year (functional choice)
  MOVE pn-endda(4) TO lv_year.
  lv_year = lv_year MOD 4.
  IF lv_year = 0. "Leap year !
    gv_calendar_year_duration = 366.
    gv_calendar_year_duration = 365.

You'll be interested in the calculation logic in module /SAPNEA/JSC_LEAP_YEAR - if the above didn't satisfy you.