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The CL_RECA_DATE class is available for quite a suite of date related operations. It can be used to calculate with dates, convert them to an internal format as a string, check the validity of a date, the list is not endless but over 30 methods are available to you.

Just a few short and sweet examples: to convert a date into a string: 

  exporting ID_DATE = sy-datum
  importing ED_DATE_STRING = lv_string ). 

lv_string will contain 16.05.2014.

Convert a start and enddate into a "range of" string:

data: lv_date type d,
      lv_string type string.

lv_date = sy-datum + 5.
  exporting ID_DATEFROM = sy-datum
            ID_DATETO = lv_date
  importing ED_RANGE_STRING = lv_string ).

lv_string will contain 16.05.2014-21.05.2014. I don't see great use of this either. Bad examples of a potentially good class. Maybe ADD_MONTHS_TO_DATE and CHECK_INTERSECTION are more useful ? Check it out !

There is also a simple class available for useful date constants, such as "Infinity". Check out class CL_ISU_DATE and implement anywhere in your coding. Like so:


IF p_mydate =