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There are more than 1000 icons in SAP, which can be used for menu's in screens or on reports. To get an overview of these Icons, report SHOWICON can be used. Have you been peeking at the output of this report in the past ? AbapcadabrA holds an alternative to the SHOWICON which will help you selecting the right Icons

The report uses all information available to categorize Icons. The actual categories are a matter of taste, groups have been defined in a hard-coded manner and an Icon can reside in several groups. Click on an icon in a group and all icons on the group are listed. Icon ID's and names can easily be copied from the report. An impression: 

Note that you can define your own favorites or groups by editing the source code of this report - which should not be a difficult task for any Abap programmer. Also note that key words can be added to a group, which will improve the search filter functionality.