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Everybody knows the "*" acts as a wildcard value in SAP's data entry fields. Did you also know that the "+" character does the same thing, but just for a single character ? It's common knowledge which is used in all modules and the *-character is probably the most used keyboard button - except for most alphabet keys. So how do you find the "*" value itself ? Anyone ?

So just to clarify, we are searching table entries which have a "*" as actual value, which is quite common in authorization matters. Here's a simple example: check table AGR_1251 and search field LOW for values "Z*" - not to be confused with "All values starting with a Z". For the examples below, there is a table with the following field values:


For the examples above, we can specify wildcard search options, using special characters "*", "+" and "#". The "*" replaces any character or string of characters (even no characters), the "+" replaces a single character (which needs to be available) and the "#" can disable the wildcard function of characters. Thus "#*" is effectively processed as the character "*" and not the wildcard "*".

Specify Interpreted as Examples
Z* Return all values starting with a Z Z, Z123, Zaltbommel, Z*, Z*3, Z+1=2, Z#23
Z++* Return all values starting with a Z, followed by at least 2 other characters Z123, Zaltbommel, Z*3, Z+1=2, Z#23
Z+++ Return all values starting with a Z which are exactly 4 characters long Z123, Z#23
Z#+* Return all values starting with Z+ Z+1=2
+#* Return all values which have 2 characters of which the second character is a "*" Z*
*##* Return all values which contain a (at least one) "#" Z#23

Happy value hunting !