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You can type in a transaction code or stop the current transaction. Is there more ? How can the command window be adressed on popups ?

An overview of useful commands

... for the command window of standard SAP screens; with functionality:

Code Description
/BEND Cancel a batch input foreground process
/H Activate debugging mode
/I Close modus
/I2 Close modus 2 (number 2)
/N End current transaction;
In a Batch Input Map: skip to next transaction
Quit SAP, log off without having to close all modi separately
/NTRAN TRAN = transaction code: start new transaction after quitting the currently active one
/O Overview user modi. From this overview a modus (session) can also be stopped
/OTRAN TRAN = transaction code: start new modus in which transaction is started directly
.abc Fastpath: abc refer to the underlined characters in the menu, so by looking at the menu an end user can compose their own fastpath, which will only work in the application (transaction) currently running.
SHIFT-* Create a new session

Commands history

The command window memorises a series of the history commands. In a Windows environment these commands can be found in the windows registry (start: regedit in windows). Look for an SAP folder and eventually a SAPfrontend folder. Neatly tucked away in Windows registry. 

Input fields: historic values

Just press backspace on a (any) field to get a list of historic values you will have typed before. A handy feature that adds to the common tasks experience in SAP. You have a field for which the backspace doesn´t work ? A field on a report selection screen ? The cause is probably this: when your field is longer than 45 characters, the display of the field will be shortened (to 45 characters). The backspace functionality is lost here.... And there´s not much you can do about it either, as this is not a screen painter setting.

Commands in a text file

Commands in text file - drag & drop - when no command window is available, another interface to the system's command interface is available. This could e.g. be very handy when a popup is developed and the menu does not interact as expected - the session could freeze and there's no place to put a /n...

  1. Prepare a text file with the following contents:
    Title=End transaction 
  2. Put the file on your desktop under the name stop_transaction.txt
  3. Drag the file and drop it on the SAP session you want to reset (this will work for popup's as well as normal screens)
  4. SAP will pick up the /n as if it was typed in the command window.

A few files that I have on my desktop today:

Title=Going home 

filename close_all.txt


filename debugger.txt