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Where workflow is implemented, triggering events (and terminating events) control what starts and stops. In some cases the actual trigger is handled or processed immediately, in other cases the event queue is used. The event queue will queue events that are thrown and process them en mass at set times, reducing the overall system pressure. 

  • Measurements: Check if the queue is active and whether the related background job is up and running. Also check for "linkage with errors" events, which will need to be fixed. Are the number of events being queued on development system and production system the same ?
  • Tools: SWEQADM Event queue administration
  • Impact: If the event queue is not switched on, the events that allow event queue usage will be triggered immediately, resulting in poor performance. If it is active but the batch job is not running (scheduled to run), the events that allow event queue usage will not be delivered (until the batch job is run). And linkages with errors will keep the respective events from being processed.