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The event log is a fabulous tool to find out what events were triggered and whether the triggering actually started a flow (or single step task). However it also consumes system resource which can slow down the system's performance considerably. Especially when the event log is active without restrictions (transaction SWELS). 

  • Measurements: The event log should be switched OFF on a production system (check SWELS). What happens when a lot of workflow is triggered and the event log is switched on, the WF-BATCH user will update table SWFREVTLOG in a DIA (dialog) process. So a clear symptom of this problem is the fact that the process overview SM50 shows a lot of WF-BATCH-occupied DIA processes... 
  • Tools: SWEL Event log; SWELS Event log settings
  • Impact: System performance (it could well grind to a halt!). Interruption of updates.