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A method is typically called from a task on some flow, or a single step task. There is however another way to call your method. What has to be taken into account when calling a method is that the parameters a method requires or proposes need to be passed on to the "caller" via the method container. So the actual parameters to using macro SWC_CALL_METHOD are:


  • P1 - Object Reference, Input
  • P2 - Method Name, Input
  • P3 - Container with Import and Export parameters, In/Out

An example call: swc_call_method my_BUS2012_object 'InfoReleaseEffected' i_container.

So: as long as you take care of the contents of the container parameter, several method calls could be grouped together in a single method, avoiding the overhead around tasks.. This could be a true performance booster !Mind you, there is an asynchronic version of this call as well, if you're not too interested in actual outcome... swc_call_method_async