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There are many tools available on a workitem (inbox entry) agent. Which also relate to rule resolution. Here's a bold-statement list of potential relevant topics.

  • Who's agent on a work item ? from your inbox select the "Display workflow log" button (which is available in many places, including the inbox) from there selecte the Agents button and choose "Agents".
  • A work item errors and keeps erroring on something that can no longer be resolved how do we get rid of the work item ? Forward the work item to an administrator. The administrator can then delete the work item via Tools > Administration > Business Workflow > Development > Administration > Workflow runtime > Reorganisation > Delete work item OR transaction SWWL.
  • Rule resolution should be executed again. Via the menu: Tools > Administration > Business Workflow > Development > Administration > Workflow runtime > Execute rules for work items.
  • Restarting after errors ? ... Workflow runtime > Workflow restart after error. The user (of position, organisational unit, ...) is set up a Workflow system administrator, and he/she will be getting messages of workflow related things that go wrong. Much comparable to system dumps. See ... Administration > Basic settings > Workflow runtime > Maintain system administrator for Runtime system, to relieve him of responding to errors that he can't fix. This can only be changed temporarily, until the problems are solved.
  • Find the work item that is not in your inbox ...Development > Reporting > Work item analysis > Work items per task (transaction SWI2_FREQ)
  • Find all work items on a certain business object instance (E.g. The purchase order) Development > Runtime tools > Workflows for Objects (transaction SWI6). From here the workflow log can be displayed as well (and thus agents can be found as well).