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What you should do and not do when painting your screens and menus

  • Do make sure screen painting and menu painting are done properly - the available tools (both painters) are packed with intelligent defaults which should be utilised. Remeber: this is about the look and feel of your application, which should adhere to SAP's look and feel...
  • Don't create a new menu if only a small change is needed, menu's options can be activated and de-activated very easily (see online help on statement ST PF-STATUS
  • Do put in some effort to make your screen look like any SAp screen. Leading empty lines and centered fields (with lots of space around them) will make your application look "strange"
  • Don't release the transports of a new DYNPRO development without trying the whole transaction first - put on the jacket of your end-user and try to use your transaction. You'll make quite a few valuable changes after you try using your own transaction..
  • Do copy the standard menu when you create a new report menu.
  • Don't introduce application toolbar buttons for which no menu-option is available. Just like SAP does (an inactive application toolbar button will disappear, an inactive menu option will "grey-out", so your user knows it's there...)