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Most reports have brothers and sisters - which cover a similar task. The Inventory blink is an easy way to compose a group of related reports. A button link will bring the end user to an overview of up to 20 reports.

There's more of course

With 20 lines to assign to reports, simply leave a line blank to create a header line. Each report can also be set up with a variant. When a variant is available, the report-button will start the report with the variant. And skip the first screen. Or use the "right arrow" button, which will also start the report with variant, but without skipping the first screen. More ? Works with transaction codes as well.

The description of the report or transaction is automatically determined when no description is filled in - so do as little as possible to make this work.

Settings are stored as variant data, which implies that "other inventory lists" are also available, when the available variants are listed.