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With some ALV reported content, the sequence of the reported rows is very relevant, and the end user should not be allowed to change it. E.g. a log of executed steps are time-relevant and should thus not be sorted or filtered on. 


include ZABAPCADABRA_EASY_ALV. data: gt_data type table of edids, gw_data type edids, go_alv type ref to lcl_easy_alv. "Define start-of-selection. select * from edids up to 15 rows into table gt_data. create object go_alv. * The template include the implementation of layouts. go_alv->set_alv_from_template( exporting title = 'Example with disabled filtering and sorting' changing content = gt_data ). go_alv->SET_LAYOUT_PROTECTION( ). * With this option the end user can no longer * sort data out of meaningful content. sort gt_data. go_alv->display( ).

Note that the buttons for sorting and filtering have disappeared