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Example in which field settings are altered. Note, these are only a few of the supported options.

Effectively the ready-to-run functionality will determine most field/column details automatically, but if you want to alter a description, turn your column into a key field or apply other options, here's how:

The system will help you with column descriptions and column width. But you may want to set your own description or bombard your column to a key column. The easy ALV class hat prepared a method for this purpose, which is probably the most-used method on the class. SET_FIELD.

data: gt_data type table of t100,
      go_alv type ref to lcl_easy_alv. "Define


  select * from t100
    up to 20 rows into table gt_data.

  create object go_alv.
    changing content = gt_data ).

* Note that the system already recognizes this field as key field
  go_alv->set_field( fieldname = 'SPRSL' description_overall = 'Language code' ).
  go_alv->set_field( fieldname = 'ARBGB' is_key = abap_true tooltip = 'This is a tooltip' ).
  go_alv->set_field( fieldname = 'MSGNR' ddic_reference = 'T100-MSGNR' ).
* Sort on material number
  go_alv->set_sort( 'ARBGB' ). "First sort field
  go_alv->set_sort( 'MSGNR' ). "Second sort field

  go_alv->display( ).       "Report

The result of this demo