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Some carefully picked bold statements on Transports that can be helpful in understanding the concepts:


  1. Deleting or changing a transport (via SE10) does not change the object being transported.
  2. When a modifiable transport is available for an object, further changes to this object will be "recorded" on this (same) transport.
  3. Deleting an object is an action which itself can be transported.
  4. Everything feasible in SAP can also be transported
  5. Transports go on a transport request, and these requests are either client dependant (client needs to be specified) or client independant. Objects from both sides can not be mixed on the same transport request.
  6. You are developing in a client and tests are done in a different client: move your client dependant changes (Sapscript, customizing settings, long texts, table content, .... ) to the test client with transaction SCC1. This transaction should be executed in the recieving system (client).