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Idoc information is held on only 3 tables... An Idoc can hold information which which any other (SAP) document can be created or changed. But the Idoc itself is held on only 3 tables.

  • The control record which acts as the Idoc header (one per Idoc) and is held on table EDIDC. The message type, idoc type, extension, partners (sending and receiving), latest (current) status and creation date & time can be found on the Idoc control record.
  • Data records hold the Idoc's segments, one segment per data record. Table EDIDD holds information on the segment (such as the segment name) and also the actual segment contents (which can be up to 1K per segment). As this table becomes quite big and converting it at release changes can be quite cumbersome, SAP has introduces SAP-release specific versions of EDIDD being EDID2, EDID3 and EDID4(version 4.7)
  • Status records which keep track of what happened to the Idoc in time. Table EDIDS holds all status "moves" the Idoc went through, where the latest status code (e.g. 53) is also held on the control record. Status records can be checked to find out whether an Idoc was created via a test tool, or how many times a failed Idoc has been retried or reposted.

All the above tables have the all-important Idocnumber as key field.