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Listing Idoc's can be done with the very powerful WE02 - Idoc list WE05, which is exactly the same. Even editing Idocs is possible... The reporting is set up very elegantly and allows drilling down into the actual segment contents. Note the latest status and full status history telling you exactly what happened to the Idoc.

Also note that the reporting transaction allows changing the Idoc. The data segments in the WE02 report are preceded by an Icon. Double click on this Icon brings you to "Display Data Record for Idoc" which shows all filled segment fields and values. from this overview go to: Menu: Data record => Display -> Change, to change to edit mode. When field values are edited here, the Idoc will be changed to status 69: Idoc was Edited (for an inbound Idoc) or 32 for outbound.

The other way of searching for Idocs is by "Business Content", which can be done with transaction WE09 - Idoc search for Business Contents (Database). If you know what field value you are looking for and in which segment (and field) it resodes, WE09 will search through your Idocs. WE10 - Does the same...