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The debugger allows changing values of variables, when you are authorised to do so. This feature ia also available for internal tables. In fact: you can save your internal table to your desktop, have your way with it in Notepad and upload it again. Not entirely smootly though. 


Here's a few of the features on editing internal table contents when you are in the debugger: find your internal table on the Tables tab, and double click on a field in this table. The debugger will focus on the selected line and field, and you can alter the field content there (via the Change field content button - Pencil icon). If you need to do many of these, you may want to consider some of the other editing options. 

The context menu on the actual table view (as well as the Services of the Tool button at the top right) will reveal functionality in 3 groups: 

  • Change table content, with these options you can set the selected lines to fully modifiable lines, all fields of selected rows can be changed, directly from the table view. Options to delete selected lines, append lines or insert lines (at a given position). 
  • Columns, loads of options to control how the internal table is displayed in the debugger. ALV column configuration options (which can also be stored)
  • Standard - options that are applied to the whole table, such as display in ALV, download as XML and also upload (overwriting existing table content). There is als search functionality on field level here. 

What I attempted to do - and what can be useful to you to sometime is to perform the full download - change in own editor - upload cycle. This is not supported very smoothly, there is an upload function, but the download function for this upload is not directly available. Here's a work-around (which needs to be handled with due care). 

  • First find the table and present it in the debugger "Tables" tab. 
  • Display the table in standard ALV (context menu Standard > Table display in ALV)
  • From the ALV press Export > Local file > Spreadsheet. Fill in a file name (*.txt is fine)
  • The resulting file will first need to be altered to cater for the upload function to work:
    • Remove the header lines of the file (typically the first 6 lines)
    • Remove the Index fields from every line
    • Do a replace all for the , into the .
  • Now the file is ready to be uploaded into the debugger again. Of course, you would want to apply your own changes first. 
  • To upload, go the debugger table view and select: context menu > Standard > Upload from file. Select the file you want to upload and the internal table will be replaced with the uploaded one.