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Some data is not held on actual fields. E.g.:

Long texts are a bit tricky to find. Because a text field has no restriction in length, it is a bit of a challenge for database fields to hold a long text. They are held on a text-pool rather than a transparent table. There is a separate article on long texts on AbapcadabrA. Check (transparent) table STXH for text headers.


Central address management is set up for address data, for which an address number is stored on the table you need the address for. With this key the actual street and city can be retrieved from central address management. A suite of function modules is available.

Characteristics and characteristic values can be set up as a customizable set of values against any document or master data on the system. Thus where can characteristic values for a material master be found ? Try tables CABN, CAWN and AUSP. Find the suite of function modules on characteristics. 

Change documents hold information about changes to many types of documents. The type of the document, it's key, the fields that are changed and the old and new values are held in tables CDHDR and CDPOS, which can be used for your own custom documents too.