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Article predades the millenium bug... Barcode numbers can also be text-theme, here's how to allow SapScript to print barcoding. Printing a barcode in SapScript can be done via the layout set by basically doing the following: barcode printing is activated by selecting a barcode font, characters in the barcode font simply display vertical lines that build up the barcode. Finding out what font you can use for your printer will have to be done in SAP's way: output print controls. SAP supplies these print controls for a variety of printertypes, so try to find these first. An easy way to test your printer with specific print controls is creating a standard text and change / print it. For KYOCERA device types and HPLJ4 device types (HP laserjet 4 series) SAP supplies a standard text. The text SAPSCRIPT-BARCODETEST can be used to either test or use as example for your own tests. Change and print the standard text from R/3 => Tools => Word processing => Standard text. The text ID is "ST", the language "D" or "E". If printing via standard text works, you can adapt your layout set for barcode printing.