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So where can you get started ? Have a look at one of SAP's demo BSP applications, then walk through a steplist to create your own...

By tutorial example

Of course SAP has set up some nice examples for you. In transaction SE80 look for the "BSP application" with the name TUTORIAL*. BSP service TUTORIAL_2 is about a bookstore where you can look up an author or title. To try out what it looks like, start the BSP application via your browser:



You will be prompted to login and the bookstore will present itself.

Create your own

Follow these steps and create you own BSP application:

  1. In SE80 create your BSP application (e.g. called Z_MY_BSP).
  2. Save it as a local object
  3. Right click on your application name and chose: Create, Page
  4. Call the page default.htm with title "Welcome page". Select "Page with flow logic". A default layout is generated for you with lots of funny looking code (but not funny haha).
  5. The <htmlb:...> tags look great, but you don't need to use them. Replace the whole contents of the layout with the following:
    <title>My first BSP application</title>
    <body bgcolor=#F7E7F7>
    <p style="font-size:24pt">Hello world !
  6. Generate your application
  7. Start you application:
  8. There you are - a simple sign of life...

Do note: normally the BSP service you would like to use needs to be set up in transaction SICF, for which the path mentioned can be used (/sap/bc/bsp/sap). If you found a BSP to try out and it's not starting, check out SICF to see if it is active.