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Business relevant documents can be changed, and changes may need to be traced. SAP has Change Documents to cater for this, a document in itself which hold the change log of another document. The setup can be applied to existing SAP objects, documents, but also custom build ones. Here's how.

You can activate change documents as follows: 

  • First create a (new) change document object in transaction SCDO - Change document objects: Overview
  • When a new change document is created, the (transparent) tables that are needed are supplied. Change documents monitor actual table changes, so define all tables you need for your object. This is done in transaction SCDO. As example this is what change document object MATERIAL looks like under SCDO change:

  • The object (material) is thus described through a list of it's tables.
  • To fill in the checkboxes you'll need to know what they mean. F1 help is rather helpless so look for "Define change document object" in for a more accurate description
  • Now generate "Update and INCLUDE objects" (report RSSCD000), which means generate function modules to update the change log and also generate INCLUDE object to aid in the process. For the example case function module MATERIAL_WRITE_DOCUMENT is available. 
  • Given the MATERIAL example, simply look for the where-used list for the MATERIAL_WRITE_DOCUMENT to find out how the change document for materials is maintained. It was only called from 9 locations - which should present good examples on how to get material related changes into the change document. Easier examples ? Look for function modules *_WRITE_DOCUMENT