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Article predades the millenium bug... A BDC session can also be processed as a group of sessions, for which transaction SHDB - transaction recorder: Recording overview - is available. From an Abap the use of BDC groups is also supported.

So if you would like to prepare a series of BDC recordings, you can create a simple report to do so. The sessions can be executed via report RSBDCSUB or they can be made available to the SHDB transaction (controlled by parameter RECORD). The screenshot of SHDB after the report (below) has been started:

A finding on this setup: when a session is processed with the RECORD indicator set, the system will perform an authorization check on SHDB. Without the authorization your group will not be created, but no error message will be thrown to inform you. Thus: before running the BDC_OPEN_GROUP with the RECORD option set, make sure you check this authorization: S_TCODE with TCD = 'SHDB'. Example:

         ID 'TCD' FIELD 'SHDB'.

The authorization check has already been included in the example coding below.