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You are likely to be using CTRL-X and CTRL-Y all day long, copy and paste texts or other objects using the windows clipboard. Reading this clipboard and setting it's content can be done with function modules CLPB_IMPORT and CLPB_EXPORT. Texts only.

The object-oriented way to do this is also available under class cl_gui_frontend_services methods clipboard_export and clipboard_import.

data: lv_returncode type i, 
      lt_textlines type standard table of tline. 

append 'The information you needed' to lt_textlines. 

  importing data = lt_textlines
  changing   rc = lv_returncode
  exceptions others = 4 ). 
  if sy-subrc = 0 and lv_returncode = 0. 
    message 'Information placed on clipboard' type 'S'.

Btw: the function modules also use the object-oriented way. It's the preferred way ! And another btw: I tried passing a table of strings to this method which didn't go very well (raise exception "SYSTEM_FAILURE". Make sure your data table is defined as something character type (as per example CLPB_EXPORT 8000+ characters is no problem).

Oops version

This functionality is also captured under the class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES methods CLIPBOARD_EXPORT and CLIPBOARD_IMPORT.